Add Water Features to Your Yard

Rejuvenate your yard with a bubbling fountain in Clarksville, TN or Hopkinsville, KY

Running water is a great way to liven up any yard. Cutting Edge Lawn Care installs beautiful water features that you'll enjoy for years to come. Water features instantly make your yard more appealing and beautiful. Adding a fountain turns your garden from drab to fab.

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Don't be koi when it comes to outdoor décor

Don't be koi when it comes to outdoor décor

Want to install a koi pond in your backyard? We can help with that. Once we've completed your koi pond installation, we'll come back from time to time for routine maintenance. You can sign up for our monthly maintenance plans for any of the water features we install.

Installation can take anywhere from two hours to two days, depending on the intricacy of the project. No matter what you choose, you can trust us to do a great job on the installation and maintenance.

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