Give Your Yard More Definition

Give Your Yard More Definition

Hardscape installations will change your landscape in Hopkinsville, KY & Clarksville, TN and surrounding KY and TN areas.

Hardscaping transforms your outdoor living space through the addition of manmade features, including patios, walkways and walls. Not only will hardscaping increase your curb appeal, but it's another way to cover up areas of land that aren't conducive to lawn growth or have other issues. Cutting Edge Lawn Care offers an array of hardscaping services, such as:

  • Patio installations
  • Retaining wall building
  • Paver walkway installations

Creating an outstanding space ensures your family will spend more time outdoors. Call our hardscaping contractors at 270-881-7659 today to learn more about our hardscape installation services.

5 benefits of paver walkways

When you use pavers as a walkway instead of concrete, you open your property to a world of options to fit your design plans. There are numerous benefits of using pavers. For example:

  1. They're available in a variety of shapes, colors and patterns
  2. They're affordable
  3. They're slip-resistant
  4. They're low maintenance
  5. They're durable and versatile

Another added benefit is that if one paver cracks or breaks, you can simply replace the broken paver instead of the entire pathway. Contact Cutting Edge Lawn Care to learn more about paver walkways in Hopkinsville, KY & Clarksville, TN and surrounding KY and TN areas.